What can
Regina Cafè
does for you?

During the day

Regina Cafè has got a series of its own vans which can guarantee deliveries at your bar, restaurant, hotel, any business you have.


Remember that if you need, technical tools are always on the way to face any problems about coffee machines and grinders. With Regina Cafè, you have more than a partnership: you have got real solutions for your real problems.



No matter where you are

Wherever you are, wherever your business is placed, Regina Cafè will be at your disposal!

Regina Cafè is pleased to offer you a private consultation on how to arrange your order wherever you are by proposing different and affordable shipment costs. 


Support and Knowledge

Us of Regina Cafè go over refill: if you desider, we setting up your activity to grow up. That means which you will have at your desider a precious knowledge which only half century of HO.RE.CA can do.

Regina Cafè desires to grow up with you, your activity, cause we and you need to be the best choice for our costumers. In every trouble, Regina Cafè is always a part of the solution: the remain is always you and your staff.

Until now, we receive positive feedback and, very often that advice, that knowledge we share, them has got a main role to make the best choice for the business.

Why Us?